Oh! Rebuceteio – A pearl of Boca de Lixo cinema

Hail Legionnaires, I bring you today, “Oh! Rebuceteio“, in the middle of our ranks, a pearl of pornography “Brazilian” from Boca do Lixo cinema (I know a lot of people don’t like that term).

Oh! Rebuceteio

Oh! Rebuceteio” (1984) a typical example of the period of pornography in Brazilian cinema, if not the most famous. Produced and directed by none other than Cláudio Cunha (1946 – 2015), it is saved on the border between the intelligent and the abominable.

A very well produced film, with vigorous sex scenes, with orgies that reminds me of my dear ancient Rome. It is worth it for the beautiful cast and the humor it brings to the film.

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Full of metalanguage, there “A Chorus Line” of whoring, “Oh! Rebuceteio” takes us back to all those stories of sexual freedom from the 70s, characteristic of the artistic environment in which the story takes place.

Cunha involves us in a psychoanalytical move, incorporating a theater director, Nenê Garcia, the guru of freedom, who hides behind his modesty and obscurity. It makes young people between 20-25 years old, eager for fame, exhaust themselves in intense orgies of group sex.

Oh! Rebuceteio

The sex scenes are treated with the plasticity and care of someone who had knowledge of the subject. There’s a lot of slutty with the right to lesbianism, group sex and subtle anal sex. I couldn’t believe it when that anal sex scene was shown on Canal Brasil (laughs). It’s cool to watch, even if you’re not that into the “handjob”, because the movie is kind of funny.

It is not wrong to say that nearly 40 years later, “Oh! Rebuceteio”, among those interested in cinephiles, still seeks its due recognition. A national cult film, treated with the same careful look that we devote to the works of Tinto Brass.

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Legionnaire who was not yet born at the time, thinks that “Oh! Rebuceteio” ​​was filmed in mid-1983, more or less, at the time when AIDS was spreading around the world. In Brazil it would spread around 1985, so that the rhetoric in favor of unlimited sex ended up dying on the beach.

bubbly”, in the dictionary it is translated as great confusion. A great confusion is life itself, this is it…a rubbish”.

Oh! Rebuceteio

This was director Claudio Cunha’s last work for the big screen. In the following years he would dedicate himself to the theater. His most famous character, O Analista de Bagé, was a great success and was on display for a long time.

He left behind a small but diverse filmography, which will certainly be remembered, among the ups and downs in the production of that time and for the creativity and daring in the cinematographic treatment. He passed away on April 20, 2015 at the age of 68.

Oh! Rebuceteio

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