Patricia Hollweg – Naked for the first time!

She is a physiotherapist, Patricia Hollweg is 28 years old and was born in Itapema (SC). And by the way, she decided to do her first sensual shoot with our Bella Club partners.

Therefore, below you can check out the best excerpts from her interview: Authentic, strong, determined, she considers herself the type that is 8 or 80. Likewise, the blonde confessed that she has fulfilled all her fantasies: “I think I need to help to create new ones”. Anyone out there have an idea? In addition, we separated some photos especially for you. But to check out the full test, just click here.

Patricia Hollweg

Patricia Hollweg
Patricia Hollweg – Naked for the first time! 3

Besides modeling, do you have another profession? Which one?

I am a physiotherapist and passionate about my profession.

Just to illustrate, cIs there any curiosity about you…

I am a determined woman, even stubborn at times, when I put something in my head, nobody takes it away.

Patricia Hollweg
Patricia Hollweg – Naked for the first time! 4

What do you do to maintain that body?

I do bodybuilding and I love walking on the beach.

Define your personality in three words…

Authentic, strong, determined, I’m type 8 or 80.

Patricia Hollwegtwould you like a ménage? Or have you already?

I’ve never done it, I’m the type that prefers exclusivity.

What’s the most exotic place you’ve ever had sex?

On the beach, bus, boat, what matters is having a nice partner to accompany you on your crazy adventures.

Therefore, the that you drive yourself crazy at H-time?

The partner’s footprint, the chemistry between us.

Anyway, what do you do when no one is looking?

It’s a good time to play alone hehehe.

After all, the that drives Patricia Hollweg crazy at the HOUR?

The partner’s footprint, the chemistry between us.

however andm which part of your body do you feel the most goosebumps?

Neck without a doubt.

By the way, have you ever posed nude before?

I didn’t have it and I loved doing the photos with this wonderful team.

Are there any secrets to being comfortable in front of the camera?

It took me a little while to let go, but just relax and enjoy the moment.

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