Pretty Peaches – A classic from porn’s golden age!

Pretty Peaches A classic from porns golden age

What makes the film a classic is the fact that it never goes out of style, and if you’re a true hardcore porn fan, you’ll always want to watch classics and Pretty Peaches certainly has all the requirements. The film is a pornographic comedy, produced in 1978 and directed by Alex de Renzy, it was released in the same year. It stars porn actress Desireé Cousteau as Peaches, described as “a carefree woman who happily dives through life”.

Pretty Peaches
Pretty Peaches - A classic from porn's golden age! 13

The story de Pretty Peaches

Pretty Peaches tells the story of a woman, whose name is Peaches, played by Desiree Cousteau certainly in her most revolutionary role. She crashes her jeep and loses all memory of her past (including her father’s wedding, which she had just fled). Two young people find her unconscious body on the road and decide to take her in. The innocent and trusting Peaches (Peaches) happily agrees with them, unaware that her intentions are less than pure. As she ends up stumbling into a series of sexual mishaps that blur the line between screwball comedy and ’70s-style exploitation. , which also followed the misfortunes of a brave and naive hero as the world visited disaster after disaster upon him.

The film features sexual violence, including lesbian rape and an enema (or the famous chuca), forced in a public restroom. The success spawned two sequels, both directed by de Renzy: Pretty Peaches 2 (1988) and Pretty Peaches and the Quest (1991), with Siobhan Hunter and Keisha in the title role of the 1988 and 1991 films.


Peaches plays with ideas of consent and representation in ways that no modern porn film would dare to do, but it does, with seduction and a humorous edge. Undoubtedly, Costeau approaches her role with a shy and naive demeanor. Just to exemplify, some critics of the time made comparisons with the comic rhythm of Lucille Ball, others characterized her as the “Betty Boop” of porn.

Pretty Peaches was released in the era when porn movies were still mostly consumed in porn theaters. So it had to work out a complete film, with history and also a work of pure excitement.

The sequels Pretty Peaches 2 (1987) and Pretty Peaches 3 (1989) were also directed by Alex deRenzy. However, none have anything to do with the original film, except in the general premise and did not continue the story of Pretty Peaches’ unfortunate protagonist. Both are available in restored form on VOD.

Desiree Cousteau

She is one of the most remembered porn stars of the 1970s/1980s, and not just for her beautiful face and spectacular, natural body. Indeed, she brought a charm of seductive and endearing naivety to all of her roles, and immersed herself in her performances with great pleasure. In 1978 she was named Best Actress by the AFAA for her performance in “Pretty Peaches” (1978). Of his numerous performances, certainly one of the most remembered is the pseudo-autobiographical “Inside Désirée Cousteau” (1979).

His post-pornography career is a mystery. There are stories that she got married, started a family and settled down. However, there were also stories that she had a nervous breakdown and was committed to a psychiatric hospital. The last story, which was given a little more credence by people who knew her, was that she studied to become a psychologist. She passed her exams and was practicing somewhere in her home state of Georgia.


Juliet Anderson, who later rose to fame as Aunt Peg, made her film debut in Pretty Peaches.

Pretty Peaches was the first Chi Chi LaRue porn director to watch. “I vividly remember sneaking into one of these theaters at age 16 to see Pretty Peaches by Alex deRenzy,” she told XBIZ in 2009, “and I was instantly hooked. Pornography became an obsession with me. “I just wanted to be in the public eye.” The film is also a favorite of AVN co-founder Paul Fishbein, who reported seeing the film as part of a dual bill in Philadelphia during his youth.

Recommendations: Book, The Golden Age of Porn, by Zeka Sixx published by Multifoco’s Erotica label

To those who admire classic films, specifically pornographic ones. Also to the new ones who don’t know, I hope you like it!


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