Priya Rai – The most popular Indian in the industry

Priya Rai is considered one of the most popular Indian porn actresses of all time. Despite him having retired from the industry, her films still continue to create a legion of fans for the porn actress.

Priya Rai

Priya Rai

Indian porn actress Priya Rai is 42 years old and was born in New Delhi, India. When she was just two years old, she was adopted by an American couple and moved to the United States. She grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Priya graduated with a degree in Marketing from Arizona State University.

After finishing college, she started working as a stripper, in addition to accepting to land as a model in some photo shoots, her specialty was photos with bikinis and lingerie.


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Through parties she attended in Phoenix, Priya Rai ended up meeting several directors, actresses and actors in the industry. Through these connections, she landed an audition in Los Angeles to find an agent in the field who could put her on the right track. And everything worked out very well for her in pornography.

Priya made her industry debut in 2007 with scenes in several films such as Cheating Wives Tales 8 (2007) para New Sensations, MILF Invaders 5 (2007) para Hush Hush Entertainment e Sin MILFs and their Toys 2 (2007).

Since retiring from the industry in 2013, Priya appears in other projects, such as participation in clips, films and even documentaries, such as After Porn Ends 3 (2013).

Priya Rai Porno

indian porn actress

On Pornhub, Priya had 119 thousand views with her videos. While on Xvideos she is among the 21 most searched women on the site with 522 million views.

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