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Profession? Call girl

To keep their bills up to date and make dreams come true, such as going to college and buying a property, some women have chosen to use their own bodies to earn money as call girls or luxury escorts.

That was the solution found by Vicky, a 39-year-old woman who, after her separation in 2016, began juggling work as a hairdresser and an escort. She has a son who attends a private law school and with the “extra income”, which has become her main income, she manages to pay the monthly fees for the course, in addition to having already bought a new car and a beauty salon.

Profession Call girl

There are several ways to work in this area. One of them is the massage parlour. It is a more “discreet” space and normally works during business hours. The place is usually frequented by people who want to relax and enjoy a good massage. Services usually include: tantric, Thai, prostatic massage, oral and vaginal sex, among others.

Profession Call girl


Being a luxury escort is what most women who work in the area aspire to. Escorts have a number of benefits, including client selection, flexible hours, differentiated fees and no need to pay commissions or fees. Professionals who work this way usually work in hotels, motels, homes and even apartments.

To get clients, those who are more discreet register on sites that anonymously publicize their services. Others advertise on classified sites, such as Vivalocal.

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That’s what Kelly, a 29-year-old from São Paulo, did, who, before the pandemic, worked in a nightclub in the city, but, with the crisis, had to perform the programs in a private place and on her own. For her, the move was a great solution. “The profit is all mine now, I work my hours according to my availability and I have complete freedom”, she reveals, satisfied.

Currently, the companion can do up to five programs a day, at R$ 200 an hour, every day of the week, if she wants to. “I choose my day off. I often work a happy seven days a week,” says Kelly. Like her, other colleagues in the profession also started to advertise on classified sites and did well. “Like me, five other friends also followed the same path and are financially much better off”, she concludes.

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Kelly also points out that the change in work environment contributed to her feeling safer and more comfortable during sexual activities. According to her, the region where she performs the programs is completely covered by surveillance cameras, making the environment safe and protected both for the companion and for the clients who visit her.

It is important to think about security in this market. In addition to taking care of the space that will receive the client, it is interesting to have a work name, because the person is discreet about their real name. It is also important to have two cell phones or use one that supports two SIM cards. The working chip can be disabled when needed. Finally, for those who are more discreet, it is better not to link the work number to social networks.

Being a luxury escort is not a bed of roses. As in any job, there are ups and downs and being in this area requires organization, patience, having a strong psyche and also knowing how to recognize your limits. You need to know how to deal with prejudice from friends and family, problems with your personal life if you are discovered. So, while this is the main activity, it’s good to invest a part of the income in other projects.

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Is working as a call girl a crime?

It is very important to know that being a luxury escort or call girl is not a crime, as it is a voluntary ‘exchange’ and for the convenience of sexual favors for financial reward. However, agency and/or profit sharing is a crime under Article 230 of the Penal Code, so it’s good to be on the lookout at all times.

In the case of nightclubs and bars, where prostitution takes place, the establishments do not provide or sell this service, but drink and food. They rent out rooms so call girls can work.

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