Raven Loso – hot with a capital G

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Raven Loso is a model and dancer who was a hit on social media after appearing in Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video in 2015. The instagrammer has been dominating looks and posing for daring photos with her monumental body.

Raven Loso

Hmmm… Raven Loso!

Let’s get real in this bagacinha here: there are a lot of hot women on the internet and Instagram is the great revealer of these aesthetic talents that make life sweeter. Women like Raven who fill the vision with enchantment and are hot with a capital G. And it’s every photon, bro, that it’s impossible for the imagination not to take us to the most erotic places when the girl shows off.

Clip with Drake

Raven is 30 years old and was born in Texas. The girl is a professional dancer, well known for her sensual performances at the Blue Flame club, located in Atlanta, Georgia. By the way, performances that those who have seen it guarantee not to forget, such beauty of this woman that caught the attention of rapper Drake and his team. Thus, Raven received the invitation to join the cast of the video “Hotline Bling”. Delicious!!

Encounter with Amirah Dyme

On Instagram, the model posted a photo with her friend Amirah Dyme in 2018 on a beach in Miami. This fact is worth noting because Amirah is listed on our profile of beautiful women here on the blog. Because Raven knows how to choose her friends. Rabão, body and double perfect carão!

Raven Loso

Short dress, bikini, skinny jeans and any cloth that enhances your magnificent body even more is worth it in your closet, always very well equipped and prepared for beautiful tropical places.

Raven Loso Instagram

Raven Loso’s Instagram profile has over 3.4 million followers. This hot pakas has a profile on OnlyFans too, with exclusive and even more erotic material. Let me fan myself here because, for now, that’s it!

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Raven Loso
Raven Loso
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Raven Loso
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Raven Loso
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