Rossane Bom – The secret of sensuality

Name: Rossane Bom
Profession: Model/Dancer
City: Sao Paulo-SP)

Rossane Bom

Rossane Bom

It’s incredible how there are people capable of incorporating sensuality in such a fantastic way, I believe that this is part of their pure essence, a person who fully represents these visions is clearly Rossane Bom.

Our muse from São Paulo has already been on the cover of Sexy magazine two years in a row, Rossane Bom brought her exuberance in 2018 and 2019 to conquer the most diverse eyes. If that wasn’t enough she’s still a stripper, now you understand how Rossane Bom knows how to live her sensuality hard.

Rossane Bom

For Rossane Bom, sensuality in the life of a stripper is about being sensual without being vulgar. Even more so when you enter the character with the costume, each one is different and the music provides several paths.

It’s not just about getting on stage and taking off your clothes, the representation is much bigger, the stripper needs to feel the whole movement as a sweet art.

Rossane Bom

Eventually, Rossane Bom also needed to learn poledance, because she wants to be a professional stripper. The classes weren’t easy, demanding a lot of physical preparation, but in the end they incredibly valued the performance on stage.

When going up on stage Rossane Bom doesn’t feel horny, but pleasure in what she does, dancing and showing the power of her sensuality is the true feeling she wants and looks for in her performances. Many are admired by its powerful body and the energy it emanates.

Rossane Bom

Your Instagram profile is full of sensational photos, you can imagine that an aphrodisiac place will count on your presence to shine. I bet you’ll spend a lot of time admiring the powers of this muse from São Paulo.

Rossane Bom Paprika

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