Ruined Orgasm: Meet the MissFluo domme!

I introduce you to MissFluo: camgirl, model and domme, specialized in a fetish that isn’t very common around here, but that seems to be quite pleasurable: Ruined Orgasm.



MissFluo, brings a new concept of domination, the “Soft FemDom”, something like “soft female domination” in free translation, her channel on PornHub, which specializes in the fetish “Ruined Orgasm”, already has more than 8 million views and more than 25 thousand subscribers. In her channel bio she says:

Ruined Orgasm
Ruined Orgasm: Meet the MissFluo domme! 5

“I dominate. That’s what I absolutely enjoy… it makes me happy. I love to excite, I decide if and when you can come. Sometimes I like to get excited, but I need to be in control of the situation. Love me, treat me well and pamper me. I’ll probably let you cum…”


What is Ruined Orgasm?

A Ruined Orgasm – ruined orgasm, in literal translation – is the result of stop and start stimuli and provocations, usually under the control of the partner (o). It’s an orgasm that doesn’t give you the climactic sensation of pleasure that you would normally expect from a “normal” orgasm. Generally, if someone enjoys and eroticizes being in control of another person, they are especially turned on during this type of game.

Ruined Orgasm: Meet the MissFluo domme! 6

Ruined Orgasm are commonly seen as a fetish and/or a form of dominant/submissive play and are generally more common in femdom aka when a dominant female has a male sub.

Why is Ruined Orgasm cool then?

For several reasons young padawan! Come with the uncle, who passes the year, let’s go: On the one hand, for women, Ruined Orgasm is a fetish that subverts stereotypes of traditional sexual roles. It’s not always that they’re in power, considering many men just get laid thinking about their own orgasm all the time, this is a game changer.

1672789214 153 Ruined Orgasm Meet the MissFluo domme
Ruined Orgasm: Meet the MissFluo domme! 7

For the man, the teasing process gives him the opportunity to learn his own arousal patterns and his body, whatever we come and agree, is good to know in any situation. You can take what you learned about your body in a “Ruined Orgasm” session and apply it to traditional, non-fetish sex as well.

1672789217 777 Ruined Orgasm Meet the MissFluo domme
Ruined Orgasm: Meet the MissFluo domme! 8


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Watch some videos on the MissFluo channel:

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