Sale of vibrators has increased due to the pandemic

Vibrators have seen a significant increase in sales, reaching 50% according to a survey carried out by CBN, even for the precarious phase of the economy that our country and the world is facing, and this has been happening since March.

Many people who never looked for vibrators began to discover this market, according to the research itself.


“I was always curious, but I never had the courage to buy it, maybe out of embarrassment, I don’t know. And in this quarantine I got it as a Mother’s Day gift from a ‘crush’. In fact, he gifted me two vibrators. It was a very good surprise, very nice”Maria Carolina Oliveira reported her experience.

His first experience with vibrators is not an isolated case, according to research carried out by Paula Aguiar, former president of the Brazilian Association of Erotic Market Companies, the market in this segment sold 4.12% more than in relation to the same period. last year.

Apparently, more than 1 million vibrators, consoles and plugs have been sold since social isolation began, sexshop shopkeepers have even created a survival kit to help couples.

Shopkeepers are working hard on the issue of delivery and the survival kit, which is a kit of essential products for the couple within the quarantine. So, firstly, a bullet, which is a small, powerful, versatile vibrator, the intimate lubricant, secondly, the thermal kissable gel, massage gels and Thai panties, which are very fashionable. It is a different panty that also stimulates the clitoral region”, explains Paula.

The survey also points out that most consumers are women between 25 and 35 years old who are in a relationship. Ericka Arouca herself, married for 22 years, knew the accessories, however, only now with isolation did she decide to give her due attention.

I used to consume before, but it had been a long time without consuming anything, without buying anything, and the quarantine ended up awakening that. Also due to falling into the routine and being with the partner every day 24 hours, because there are a lot of couples already going through a crisis and I tried to go in the opposite direction. I said ‘let’s buy some different things to spice up the relationship’, to try to get out of this quarantine even stronger.” pointed out Ericka Arouca.

1672968611 6 Sale of vibrators has increased due to the pandemic

This also goes against people who are away from their companions, as is the case with Bárbara Alves, she did not wear any accessories, but due to the quarantine she moved away from her boyfriend.

“During the quarantine, I felt the need because I have had weekly sexual intercourse for seven years, and suddenly it ended, like this. I am in isolation in the countryside, my boyfriend is in São Paulo, we are not in isolation together. That’s why I decided to buy it, and then I tried it on.” said Barbara Alves

Cristina Werner, a couple’s therapist and sex educator, says that the use of accessories, such as vibrators, is healthy both individually and in a relationship.

“They can have two roles mainly: the role of substitution, since, to exercise your sexual activity, you can exercise alone or alone, or in partnership, better known as a duo, a couple, two people or even a more collective sex . I often joke that sex is a game for grown-ups. So, we play, sex has a side that can be very playful. If you have common agreement, the use of this accessory is very welcome.” said Cristina Werner.

Meanwhile, Denmark also doubled the sale of erotic products and the United States, a sex shop chain donated vibrators to women to stay at home.


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