Sex Day: 10 tips from Testosterone Girls

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Today, 9/6, Sex Day is celebrated – a great date to celebrate, right? And to help you, not just today but every day, we asked the dear and beloved Testosterona Girls to give their sex tips.

Sex Day 10 tips from Testosterone Girls

Of course, they know very well what they’re talking about, so pay attention and follow these sure-fire tips to get along great!

With you, 10 Testosterone Girls sex tips:

Jully Assad

“How about some eye-rolling oral sex? My tip is to do it as if you were receiving it. and without that expectation of reaching orgasm soon. So with all the will and time in the world, very tasty and wet, explore everything with your tongue and caress with your hands! Focus on your partner’s pleasure and not on the rush to finish it soon and it’s your turn to receive…”

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“Tip to satisfy a 40-year-old woman: don’t rush the steps, we need to be courted in all our senses, only sex itself doesn’t satisfy us anymore. We need the touch, the excitement, exploring sensations that no one else has explored. It needs to be a complete experience.”

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“For some people, having sex is easy. It comes naturally. For me it was always the most intimate part, the maximum exposure and with that came the insecurities and fears. To enjoy Sex Day in a nice way for everyone, my tip is: It’s okay to ask to turn off the light from time to time. Nobody is made of iron. Seeing details is cool, but it’s really nice to feel”.

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Sabrina Scarsi

“Making her feel unique! Eye to eye, hands running all over her body, exploring every inch and bites behind her neck. Talk some nonsense in her ear and do your best, you’ll get her best back too. Having nice sex is reciprocity”.

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Duda Laís

“Man who knows how to use much more than the dick makes all the difference, women feel pleasure in different ways, sometimes (almost always) penetration just doesn’t satisfy. Knowing how to do a neat oral, masturbating the partner and kissing the whole body makes many women come easier and many more times! But my biggest tip is COMMUNICATION, it’s very important to talk about what you like or dislike and sometimes you end up leaving your comfort zone and discovering new things with your partnership. Oh and don’t forget to always respect! Having sex is very good, even better when done the way you both like it”.


“I think to start with a clean and fragrant environment because no one deserves to be late and come across a piece of pizza from three days ago. It’s also very important to pay attention to the person, ask if it’s nice whether or not you can do something before doing it. Because there’s always someone clueless to stick his finger up your ass without asking”.

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Amra SGH

“On this Sex Day, I want to give a tip to anyone who is quite detached from these jealousy things and seeks pleasure: have orgies! Ménage, the famous “threesome”, is delicious, but have you ever had an orgy? Have you done it with four or more people? My tip is: invest in even numbers! That way, no one is left alone. Remembering that surubas last many, many hours, from the initial moment to the sex itself, so be prepared for it and reserve the next day to rest! Oh, take condoms. Too many condoms!”

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Luka Diaz

“Man has to have an attitude… know how to arrive, be polite and affectionate but a hungry animal at the same time, have the famous footprint”.

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Carol MaliciousNymph

“My tip for men is: always start with foreplay, women love to be teased and taking your time is the best option at these times, because sometimes you get more than you imagined with it. My tip for women is: explore men’s bodies more, know where they have pleasure, men are not just dicks [risos]. It’s obviously a good blowjob that drives every man crazy.”

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Julia Silvestrin

“Be dedicated, be 100% living that moment, the pleasure will only increase if your partner is also feeling the same. No limitations, just have agreements and consents, have fun and enjoy a lot!”

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