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Sexy Biathlete Girls 2020

The Biathlon World Championships 2020 was held in Italy and of course all fans of this sport watched the broadcasts from beginning to end! But those who have not yet become a fan of biathlon can look at the beautiful girls from different countries who fought in the snow for medals this year.

The first number is Dorothea Wierer – this year she took gold in 10 km pursuit and 15 km pursuit! She is a phenomenal athlete and she has kept her femininity and sexuality!

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Tiril Eckhoff the representative of Norway, which tried to fight with Dorothea. And in the end took the gold medal in the disciplines of 4 × 6 km relay and 4 × 6 km W+M relay!

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Paulina Fialková is a biathlete from Slovakia and perhaps the most beautiful participant of the Biathlon World Championships 2020! She doesn’t look like a professional athlete at all, but rather like a cute and sophisticated fashion model! But this does not prevent her from winning races one after another!

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Lisa Vittozzi recently fell out with Wierer, who she accused of not acting in the interests of the team, but working only for herself. At the home championship, things did not go very well for Lisa and she could not win a single race! She looks athletic and athletic girl, but at the same time has a very cute face and sexy ass!

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Markéta Davidová has not won the World Cup yet, but she has everything ahead of her! This young red-haired beauty is just starting a career as a biathlete, and in her free time she likes to ride horses! I would ride this filly!

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Russian athlete Svetlana Mironova can not yet boast of high sporting achievements, but her appearance is simply stunning! Sexy figure, slender legs, beautiful face and a stunning smile – all this we saw at the stage of the past the Biathlon World Championships in Italy!

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Regina Oja is an athlete from Estonia, she is young and attractive and is already a winner of the biathlon world championship! In Italy, she could not win a gold medal, but she shone brighter than any medal thanks to her stunningly sexy appearance and charming smile!

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