Sophia Trentini, companion since age 18

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Name: Sophia Trentino
Age: 22 years
City: Sao Paulo
Twitter: @asophiacomph
Onlyfans: Sophiaprincess
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Sophia Trentino

In today’s post, you can check out a special chat with Sophia Trentini. She told about her day to day and what it’s like to work as a call girl.

Sophia Trentini escort
Sophia Trentini, companion since age 18 13

Sophia Trentini, how long have you been working as an escort?

I’ve been working for almost 5 years, I started as soon as I turned 18, when I was in college.

Why did you decide to enter this business?

Sophia Trentini: I don’t think anyone likes to wake up early, take the bus, have a bad job, have a boss. I always wanted to work alone or have my company to avoid at least part of it. The idea at first was to save some money and build something, but I ended up liking it and today I don’t see myself working with anything else. The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want is something hard to find in another profession, at least for someone just starting their adult life like me.

What is your day to day and work routine like?

My life was crazy before quarantine. I work with seasons, usually one or two weeks in each city, always traveling. I was doing seasons even outside Brazil.

Sophia Trentini: It’s very good because I got to know several places, I always leave some time for sightseeing. Now I took it easy, I’m traveling a little and working more selling packs, but I can’t wait to get back to my routine

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Sophia Trentini, companion since age 18 16

And how is Sophia Trentini’s life outside of work?

I’m very calm to make up for the madness of work. A glass of wine, a warm blanket and a serial marathon already make me happy.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Sophia Trentini: I try to cook a different dish that I saw on youtube or play something.

What changed in your life after you became an escort?

EVERYTHING, basically. In addition to having conquered many things that I didn’t even imagine, today I like myself more. At first I didn’t think anyone would pay to have my company, today I feel desired – it’s good for self-esteem. Another thing was getting out of the bubble a little, the comfort zone. You wake up to life going to work alone in a different country without knowing anyone.

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Sophia Trentini, companion since age 18 17

Sophia Trentini, do you face a lot of prejudice?

Yes, but it comes more from strangers on the internet, I never had any problems with family, friends or people close to me. The truth is that many have never had contact with an escort, they only saw Bruna Surfistinha’s movie or some article on TV, so they end up having a very negative view of the profession.

They think we suffer, our customers are horrible and we continue “selling the body” due to lack of options. They can’t imagine they’re just regular guys wanting a date with a nice girl.

Sometimes the prejudice comes from the clients themselves during the meeting, in the questions they ask us “but what about the disease? do not be afraid? do you take care of yourself?”, “and when you get old? What are you going to do with your life? think about studying?”, or talk about drugs as if someone forced us to use (?). I know there are cases and cases, but for me the most annoying part of the profession is having to deal with those who just want to bother on whatsapp – some guys spend the day sending “hi bb linda xerosa, bb send nudes on zap, bb you are single ” or mark something and do not appear.

Sophia Trentino
Sophia Trentini, companion since age 18 18

I had many opportunities that I didn’t even imagine. Going out on the cover of a men’s magazine without being the big-ass profile was interesting.

And have you ever been in trouble?

Sophia Trentini: I once had a stalker. He fell in love and started to invade my privacy, found out the name, address, social networks of the whole family, until I didn’t want to go out with him anymore – it’s a rule I have, if the person crosses the line he will never see me again. When I refused the dates he started doing crazy things and inventing reasons to talk to me. He invented a serious heart disease to see if I felt sorry for him. He made a fake ad of me in his city with my real name and face pictures to be the “savior of the country” who came to warn me… until he moved in next to me and started following me around. Sometimes I was at the bar with friends and saw him sitting in a corner looking at me. He didn’t drink, he didn’t eat, he just looked at me.

Sophia Trentini escort
Sophia Trentini, companion since age 18 19

What’s the weirdest thing a customer has ever asked you to do?

Sophia Trentini: I have a client who loves golden rain. He asks me to get several different friends and make a circle with him in the middle, all making the golden rain at the same time. I think it’s amazing that he can come instantly when we do, without touching him, without kissing, without anything but the golden rain. We always drink a lot of beer and green tea beforehand to get it. Laughter! I’ve done financial domination too, there was one that paid my bills. Unfortunately when I started sending more expensive ones he couldn’t handle the pressure.

Did you come to view men’s sexual fantasies differently from these experiences?

Too much. Before I thought most fetishes were very strange and I never imagined myself doing them, today I’m more open minded. I think everyone has one, maybe they just haven’t discovered it yet.

Sophia Trentino
Sophia Trentini, companion since age 18 20

Sophia Trentini, are you able to have a “normal” life after you entered this business?

Sophia Trentini: I was a little out of patience for small talk and all the bureaucracy that a normal meeting requires. I don’t arrive with clients just taking off my clothes, I like to talk and create intimacy beforehand, but everything is simpler. You don’t need to impress the person, convincing them to want you. Just book, leave and that’s it, no fuss

What did you learn about men after becoming an escort?

I learned a lot about how their heads work, especially the reasons for infidelity

Sophia Trentini, are your clients just men?

Overall yes. I don’t like dating couples because I’m always jealous, and I don’t have much experience with women

What are your customers looking for? Just sex or do you talk too?

Sophia Trentini: They want a normal date, you know? As if they had known me around. We do everything a couple would do, we eat together, have a drink, watch a series. Sex is part of it and it’s important but it’s not the only thing they’re looking for. The difference between going out with me and a civil woman is that I don’t fall in love, I don’t keep texting the next day, I’ll never tell my wife and I have experience in bed

Sophia Trentino

What is the profile of the men who are looking for you?

Usually married men aged 30 to 50 years.

Sophia Trentini, thanks for the interview. Did you already know Testosterone?

I used to read a lot a few years ago, I think it’s cool that they show what the life of escorts is like and who works with sex workers in general. This way, people get to know more about how things really are and lose a little this bad image they have of us. We are nice people 😀

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