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Porn Actress Stoya or Jessica Stoyadinović was born on the 15th of June 1986 in the American city of Wilmington, North Carolina. A descendant of Serbs and Scots, she from an early age drew attention for her absurd long-line beauty, toned by dancing lessons. More beautiful than her good-girl face, only her perverted mind. She is on our list of best porn actresses.


At the age of 13, Stoya was overcome with horror when she read that pop star Britney Spears wanted to marry a virgin. As a protest, Stoya went to a mall, chose a worthy boy, lied to him that he was 15 years old and asked facetiously if the 16-year-old would agree to have sex. But which eared one would refuse this food from the heavens?

So, she, who saw her friends wearing “I chose to wait” purity rings in her pre-teen years, justifying that it was right to lose her virginity only with her husband, made a point of leaving that virginity weight in the boy’s room.



The first time Stoya decided to go naked in front of the cameras was for a roommate’s lens, when she lived in Philadelphia. A fact that served as a springboard for her to fall straight into the lap of beautiful girls in alternative and fetishistic lesbian porn.

In this delicious way, at age 19, Stoya began her brilliant career, leaving her past as a fast food attendant to be exclusively hired by Digital Playground at the age of 21. A success that expanded after a threesome with none other than the iconic Sasha Grey.


Her father worked in IT and her mother, a 1970s-generation feminist, was an engineer. Stoya did not attend school in the conventional way. She was homeschooled with the help of her parents and earned her high school diploma before she turned 16. She grew up passionate about technology, art and literature.


The intellectual Stoya is very active on the internet. She writes about sex, modernity and female activism for websites and magazines. She is the author of the book “Philosophy, Pussycats, & Porn” (still no official translation for Brazil).

Her video “Hysterical Literature”, where she reads a snippet of “Necrophilia Variations” while masturbating with a vibrator, has over 25 million views on Youtube (Yes! On Youtube).


Stoya, who is not silly or anything, is a porn actress known for flirting directly with pop culture, mixing pornography with various types of art.

In 2009, she had a relationship with the weird rocker Marilyn Manson. Lightning relationship that was suspended due to schedule incompatibility. It’s quite exciting to imagine them.


Stoya turned down two offers from Digital Playground to get her breast implants. The girl’s intelligence has always opted for natural beauty, without implant additives or plastic surgery. With a height of 1.70m and a musculature cracked in her beautiful body with beautiful tiny breasts, and sheer elegance, she is a magnificent counterpoint to the beaten cliche of silicone marombas, botoxed and full of mega hair from conventional pornozão.


As a result of an allergy to latex, obviously found in condoms, and side effects caused by the hormones in birth control pills, Stoya had three voluntary abortions. She has also been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst.



In 2015, Stoya accused then-boyfriend and co-worker James Deen of rape. The complaint took place in the following tweet: “James Deen trapped me and fucked me when I said ‘no’, ‘stop’, I used my safe word. I can no longer wave and smile when people mention his name.”🇧🇷 This shattered the hardcore lovebirds’ exemplary couple image.

After this news, Deen’s other former co-workers such as Tori Lux and Joanna Angel accused him of the same offense in support of Stoya. “Safe word” in BDSM means that whoever is in submission has already reached his limit and the session, whether sexual or not, must be ended by whoever is in domination.

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After accusing ex-boyfriend James Deen of rape, Stoya approached the guy’s hot ex-girlfriend Joanna Angel, who also tweeted against Deen claiming the porn darling was repulsive and dead inside. And this well-loved partnership of the exes yielded a strong friendship and exciting recordings between them.


In March 2014, Stoya and the badass Kayden Kross created the website TRENCHCOATx where they both direct and perform. In 2018, Stoya launched another website, Zerospaces, this time in partnership with grim comedian Mitcz Marzoni.



  • Eroticline Awards 2008 – Best American Newcomer
  • AVN Award 2009 – Best Newcomer
  • AVN Award 2009 – Best Lesbian Orgy for Cheerleaders
  • XBIZ Award 2009 – Novata do Ano
  • XRCO Award 2009 – Breakthrough
  • AVN Award 2012 (The Fan Award) – Hottest Scene (Public Vote) for Babysitters 2.
  • XBIZ 2014 – Best Feature Film Scene for honor code


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