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gatinha rabuda 20
  • Name: Kitty/Tailed Cat
  • Age: 21 years
  • City: Moving to Florianópolis
  • Twitter: @gatinharabuda

Tailed Kitten

tail kitten

The sensuality of Kitty or Gatinha Rabuda enchants the intimate, the camgirl has been in the area since 2019 and has increasingly created a notable audience. By the way, it is not easy to smile easily, since the Tawny Kitten knows how to work perfectly with seduction in a captivating way.

As her own name points out, the girl is large and has attributes worthy of making our eyes shine. As we always like to introduce new camgirls around here, we weren’t going to stop chatting about her life and her sexual adventures in the profession.

Since when do you work as a camgirl, and what motivated you to get into this field?

I have been working since the beginning of 2019, I always told my friends when I was younger that I would be a luxury escort or “sexologist”, I had no idea that the camgirl world existed, I found out much later and when I turned 18 I wanted to get into it, but with great fear I resisted, I entered with only 20.

Awakening pleasure has always been something very pleasant for me, and knowing that I could make it my profession motivated me a lot! I’ve always heard a lot that I awaken this desire naturally in people, and why not use it professionally?

What do you like most about your camgirl job? Is there anything you don’t like?

What I like the most for sure is the contact I have with the other person who is watching me, revealing desires in the conversation and going deep into them, and later she comes back asking for more… I think that like every camgirl/sexworker, I don’t like it that our profession is devalued and trivialized.

tail kitten

Tailed Kitten, what will people find in your living room?

Definitely someone they didn’t expect haha. The first impression (I think) that the person has of me when entering my office is that I am someone more closed, more rock and roll, but this theory is refuted at the first compliment they give me and I am all smiles and red , and that’s what praises me the most!

In my living room I perform fetishes, I’ve seen couples and I love it! I like to dance, talk a lot too and do a stripper followed by a wonderful guided masturbation!

What’s the most unusual request you’ve ever received working as a camgirl?

It was unusual, but cute and should have been done more, a customer asked me to sit normally, without straining my stomach because he wanted to see my belly, normal and without straining.

tail kitten

Tailed Kitten, Has working as a camgirl made you see men’s fetishes in a different light?

Yea! Very! A psychological and pleasurable point of view!

Are you inspired or looking for references in the work of other sex workers? Any favourites?

I think that in this field it is impossible to start without being inspired by someone, my biggest reference was @aur0rasphie, which even helped me a lot!!!! But @JustSabrinaStar too much for me! I wanted to quote them all here, because they all have a little piece in my heart ♥️

Tailed Kitten, Do you have any favorite playlists or songs to listen to while you’re doing a webcam show?

It’s ready, I’m on Spotify “Sexy playlist, Sensual

1671413717 969 Tailed Kitten %E2%80%93 Skin deep vibes

What is the biggest challenge of working as a sex worker these days?

Pandemic, people redirected their money to other priorities. There is always an audience that buys, but the movement has dropped a lot in recent months.

Tailed Kitten, what type of content do you most enjoy producing?

Accompanied videos.

Are you on other platforms like OnlyFans, Pornhub, Xvideos?

I work with PornHub.

We talk a lot about pornography in Testosterone. How is your relationship with porn? You like? Watch?

I love! I even do! Here, just between us, my favorite pornos are the ones I record myself!

1671413720 879 Tailed Kitten %E2%80%93 Skin deep vibes

If there was an invitation to participate in a porn production, would you accept it?

No doubt!

Now talking about sex, what turns you on?

Sex for two I enjoy that well-groomed footprint, being dominated… sex in general, I love a ménage, for me it’s complete and perfect sex.

And what attracts you most in a person? Both physically and intellectually

Beard, glasses, big dick and be critical!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Dancing and watching horror movies!

1671413723 227 Tailed Kitten %E2%80%93 Skin deep vibes

How long have you known Testosterone, what do you like most about the site?

At the same time that I am a camgirl, when I started I ended up finding the site talking about the platforms. I love the way the site makes room for us!

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