Thay – She deserves a standing ovation

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As usual Testosterona brings together some posts with beautiful women from Brazil and the world, so we bring you the sensual test of another one of our wonders Testosterona Girls: Thay.

So get ready to fall in love with one more of the beauties, because the Testosterone Girl of the week is wonderful and these shots taken by photographer Thiemi Okawara are simply perfect.


The São Paulo Thay is all good. At the age of 25, the cat has been working with web and graphic design for seven years. But what does she like to do most in her spare time? “I like to sleep A LOT, watch anime, comedy series and have a litrão at the bar”. Delight!


other eyes

Thay, like many other women, started posing for sensual shoots in search of better self-esteem and with the dream of becoming a Suicide Girl. “I suffered a lot with acceptance of my body, I had serious psychological problems, so sensual photography helped me a lot to discover a side of me that I couldn’t see. I started to see myself with different eyes, each result of a sensual test always makes me think ‘what the fuck is that woman that I am?’”, comments the model. Who out there doesn’t agree with her? the / the /


Respect above all

With more than 15,000 followers on her official Instagram account, Thay follows the policy of respect, so she says: “Whoever treats me with respect, I always respond and thank you for the affection I receive”. What kind of messages does she receive the most in inbox? “I get a lot of compliments on my work, thank god there are no more unsolicited photos”.

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perfect recipe

When it came to talking about the three characteristics to create your ideal lover, she didn’t hesitate: “Good-humored, smelling good and dressed well”, she comments.



The dear and wonderful Thiemi Okawara is back here on the Blog. Incidentally, the photographer, model and designer has now returned in the clicks of the beautiful Gabriela Hatum. And so, with the Nuances project, the photographer works on sensual shoots with beautiful women. Her main goal? Bring self-love to women.

“What started as a hobby, today is a job that I dedicate 50% of my time to, as I also like to work as a designer, which is and has always been my profession”, he says.

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With you, Thay naked:

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