Things that happen to a woman’s body during sex

During sex, women’s bodies undergo several changes. Therefore, it is worth getting to know these peculiarities about your partner’s body better. In fact, knowing every detail and behavior of a woman’s body when excited is one of the best ways to make the act more enjoyable for both you and her.


When a woman is excited, her organism changes and undergoes a series of transformations. Let’s better understand this process with the following topics

Things that happen to a womans body during
Things that happen to a woman's body during sex 3

The Woman’s Body


You may have already noticed that breathing becomes accelerated. This happens to better distribute oxygen to the cells of the female body. Heart rate doubles during sexual activity.

Pupil and blood vessel dilation

The pupils dilate when a woman is excited, in addition, the blood vessels in the vulva and vagina area also dilate. A woman’s entire body goes through this process during sex. With dilation of the vessels also in the upper areas of the woman’s skin, the color that changes in the cheekbones is visible.

Body temperature

A woman’s entire body has an increase in temperature when she is having sex. The skin becomes warmer because of the dilation of blood vessels.

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Things that happen to a woman's body during sex 4

what happens in the vagina

Because of the amount of blood and dilation of the labia, both the vaginal canal and the labia become larger and change in color. Vagina enlarges in size and diameter to receive the penis.

Clitoris also increases in size

The clitoris also increases in size and becomes more visible, with excitement the clitoris tends to be easily found, where the tip of the clitoris appears located on top of the vulva, in the upper union of the two labia majora.


The smell of a woman’s entire body changes, but you’ll notice it more easily on the skin, in areas like breasts, butt, thighs, lips and vagina.

The entire body, in any area, changes smell during sex.

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