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Venezuelan indie rock band releases video featuring pornstar Lasirena69

The Venezuelan indie rock band, La Vida Bohème, has invited pornstar, also Venezuelan, Lasirena69, to star in the video for the song ‘MIAMI S&M’. “Someone had to take the first step to unite two audiences relegated by the prudish status quo: the alternative rock-loving public and the fans of sadomasochism. We are very honored to have La Sirena 69 featuring Robbie Apples in the video, we wanted to do something sensual yet artistic and we succeeded,” comments the band in a press release. The uncensored version can be seen on the Onlyfans platform of La Vida Bohème and Lasirena69.

Weeks before the release of the video for ‘MIAMI S&M’, an alleged intimate video of the band’s drummers, Sebastián “Chevy” Ayala with Lasirena69 was published on Xvideo. But the leaked video was nothing more than an attempt to ‘go viral’ to promote the new hit:

Lasirena69, 30 years old, has only 2 years of career, starting his recordings in 2019, at the age of 29. But even with such a short trajectory, it can already be considered one of the highlights of today.

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