Yasmin Assis – An unforgettable gaucho

In an unforgettable fact, Yasmin Assis was born in Osório (Rio Grande do Sul) and is only 19 years old, and our partners at Bella da Semana went above and beyond choosing the hottest nymphet from the south of Brazil to illustrate the pages of the site with tricks, tricks and lots of fun. sensuality!

However, Yasmin Assis has been a model since she was a little girl and today, at just 19 years old, she makes her debut here and shows that she is here to stay. She, who was a stage assistant on a TV show and not surprisingly won beauty contests in Rio Grande do Sul, now wants to study Psychology and invest in her photography career.

Furthermore, playing with the imagination is the specialty of the gaucho girl who enjoys ballads and says that sex is not good – it’s very good!

Yasmin Assis %E2%80%93 An unforgettable gaucho
Yasmin Assis – An unforgettable gaucho 8

Yasmin Assis

What do you do to keep everything on top?

I go to the gym and eat a good diet.

Yasmin Assis, in three words, how would you define yourself?

Yasmin Assis: Sincere, dreamy and optimistic!

Yasmin Assis
Yasmin Assis – An unforgettable gaucho 9

Now a question that men love: has a woman ever hit on you?

Yes, it happens a lot, especially at parties. But I think this is natural with today’s modernity…

How was your first kiss?

Yasmin Assis: It was good! I was a little nervous, but it was cool.

Tell us a fantasy you haven’t fulfilled yet:

I don’t have any fantasy in mind at first.

Leave it to Yasmin Assis excited?

I will not be a hypocrite. Sex is good. By the way, very good! But what excites me is the way I am treated on a daily basis, making me admire my partner and awakening in me the desire to have him.

Yasmin Assis
Yasmin Assis – An unforgettable gaucho 10

If your panties could talk, what would they say now?

If my panties could talk… Oh, that’s a secret! 😋

And what about your partner’s underwear, does it make a difference when you’re grinding?

Not a lot. Well, I’m not really detail oriented!

Is it true that you have already competed for Garota Verão? Tell us a little about that experience.

Yasmin Assis: I started parading in Garota Verão at the age of 14, competing for my city. But I couldn’t be elected in the first year and then I participated other times and I couldn’t either, maybe because I was too young and not prepared. In 2011, however, I participated for Itapeva (Balneário de Torres) and succeeded. In 2012, I also ran for Mariapolis (Balneário de Osório) and was also elected! It was a very, very nice experience, and it helped a lot in my development.

Yasmin Assis
Yasmin Assis – An unforgettable gaucho 11

What are the plans for the future?

I intend to pursue a modeling career and study Psychology.

Yasmin Assis
Yasmin Assis – An unforgettable gaucho 12

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