Alex Adams – PornHub’s record holder

Pornstar Alex Adams was born on January 10, 1987. Sources insist he is American, but there is greater certification that he is British. The only thing known is that this handsome blond guy with copper fur is 1.78m tall, is vegan, likes cars and fucks like few others.

Alex Adams
Alex Adams – PornHub's record holder 7

Alex Adams, porn icon

Alex started in pornography in 2012 and has already filmed endless fucking scenes. He is best known for his gay porn, acting both active and passive in very hot scenes. But he also has scenes with cis women.

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Alex Adams – PornHub's record holder 8

Alex Adams tem o pau ideal

Just look! Adams is very skilled at fitting the other’s orifice. His beautiful dick is not a huge log to pierce the gut as he likes to show off in big porno. It is a medium and thick roll that gives that putian feeling of “mmmmmmm what a nice dick, young man”.

Affair com Cameron Kincade

Veja SP published in May last year that Alex Adams is in love with his professional colleague Cameron Kincade. There is no way to confirm that this affair is also happening outside the sets, but if it does, damn!, what a beautiful couple.

The handsome PornHub record holder

His PornHub channel is an undisputed record holder on the site. 2.8 BILLION views! Fucking stop it! It’s just that his incestuous “Family Therapy” POV is so badass. Alex Adams is smart, creative, casual, intimate, down-to-earth, and fucking hot. We open the zipper and addict facin, facin!

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Alex Adams
Alex Adams – PornHub's record holder 9

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