Juelz Ventura – Twerk World Record Holder

World record holder in twerking, vindictive ex-wife more foreign than Brazilian, this is Juelz Ventura. Today this Jurassic being who writes to you will talk a little about her career and life…

Juelz Ventura
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Juelz Ventura – Life and Profile

Born in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia, on July 31, 1987, Juelz Ventura is already retired as a porn actress and is currently 32 years old, but moved to the US as a child, where she grew up in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Of average height, 1.65m, which makes her curves and bust seem bigger and more imposing.

Juelz Ventura
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Her natural hair color is brown, but you’ll see her in movies with a very dark black hairstyle or blonde hair. If you’re into porn as much as I am, since I mentioned her bust, you should know exactly how big they are. Juelz Ventura delights her fans with a beautiful pair of silicone breasts, she underwent two surgeries to her current size. Her natural breasts were small from size “A” (between 58 to 62 cm), she enlarged to size “C” (between 63 to 67 cm) before settling for the magnificent DDs (72 cm).

Juelz Ventura
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She also has wide hips and a typically Brazilian tail. And not only is she a hot Latina in American porn, Juelz Ventura is proud of it too, tattooing “Hot Latin” on the back of her neck.

She has many other tattoos: her entire right arm being covered in them and she also loves piercings and has them in her navel, upper lip, left nostril and one on her clitoris.

The stormy debut that guaranteed success Juelz Ventura not porn

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Juelz Ventura’s debut in the world of porn was not in a traditional way. She joined the adult industry out of revenge with her ex-husband. She was married to Milwaukee Brewers baseball player, Bill Hall, from 2007 to 2009 and after their divorce, she became extremely pissed off with her ex after finding footage on her PC of him cheating on her with various sports “groupies” (like the our “maias cleats”, only from baseball) and decided to get revenge by having sex with a lot of strangers in front of the camera.

Juelz Ventura
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As Juelz Ventura is a vengeful person, he took this chance and not only had sex with another man in front of the camera, but also made sure to release the video on the internet. Two days later, she received an offer to become a porn star in the mail.

At first, she used the stage names “Shayne St. Lucia” and “Layna Laurel”, but it definitely changed to Juelz Ventura once she got her boobs bigger.

1672517126 401 Juelz Ventura %E2%80%93 Twerk World Record Holder
Juelz Ventura – Twerk World Record Holder 14

She started in porn in 2008, but it was in 2010 on the cover of Penthouse magazine that Juelz Ventura started to know fame and since then all the main producers have hired her. During her career she made over 300 films, most of them for major porn studios and networks such as Brazzers, Bang Bros, Naughty America and more.

Juelz Ventura
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Although his performances are well received by audiences, Juelz Ventura has only won two awards, both during the 2012 AVN Awards and both for the same film “American Cocksucking Sluts”. Her scene with Brooklyn Lee in this movie brought her the titles “Most Outrageous Sex Scene” and “Best Oral Sex Scene”. She is also very well known in the world of fetish porn, mainly “podolatry” and she used to say in interviews that there is nothing she wouldn’t do on stage, including anal and double penetration.

A porn star who takes care of her body

1672517133 737 Juelz Ventura %E2%80%93 Twerk World Record Holder
Juelz Ventura – Twerk World Record Holder 16

Her perfect Latina body isn’t just down to genetics, Juelz Ventura trains hard every day to maintain a fit body. She also tans regularly to keep her skin beautiful and is passionate about “pole dancing”, so much so that she has a pole in her living room and practices every morning. She’s not the stereotypical porn star turns all-nighters snorting coke all the time, she’s a hard-working woman who has made a career of herself in the adult industry. If you want to get a glimpse into his personal life, you can do so on his twitter and instagram account.


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Juelz Ventura successfully broke the world record for the longest continuous twerking session which had ever been set at 2 hours and 1 minute. He performed the feat in Las Vegas at the Crazy Horse 3 Gentleman’s Club in honor of National Twerk Day. The club hired two witnesses, who were not affiliated with the club, as well as two official timekeepers to fill out the affidavits and upload unedited videos from start to finish to verify the feat.

She had a bathroom break before the event, as she couldn’t stop during the entire recording attempt. Hydration was provided with a bottle of water and Juelz Ventura chose to wear shorts and sports shoes for maximum comfort and resistance. A total professional, Ventura smashed the previous record to smithereens and rocked non-stop for 2 hours and 30 minutes. After the record was broken, she collapsed to the ground, exhausted.

Watch the video of the event:

Some memorable sex performances by porn star Juelz Ventura


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