Eydis – a suicide girl que ama games!

Eydis is 28 years old, is a camgirl and lives in Minneapolis in the United States, she has been part of Suicide Girls since 2014 and in the meantime she already has a total of 10 sets published there.

Eydis – a suicide girl que ama games! 9


In her bio, in summary, she says that she can’t live without loud music and pancakes, but that she also likes to watch old movies on TV, surf the internet and attend concerts in her moments of relaxation.

However, the cat also makes it clear that she loves games, cats and marijuana.

Eydis – a suicide girl que ama games! 10

In addition, we have also separated a list of personal tastes of the super hot model so that you, our readers, can know a little more about her personality, check it out below:


Eydis’ favorite series are Breaking Bad, Peaky Blinders, Westword and Doctor Who.


Her list of favorite movies includes Mad Max: Fury Road, Inglourious Basterds, and Pacific Rim.

Eydis – a suicide girl que ama games! 11


Some of his bedside books are: Fight Club, The Good Omens and Harry Potter.


The list of her favorite games has: Bioshock, Overwatch, Pokemon and Skyrim.

Eydis – a suicide girl que ama games! 12


However when it comes to music, she likes to listen to Sigur Ros, Fall Out Boy, David Bowie and Panic At The Disco.

Finally, we separated some photos of her Bouche Bée set, from 2020, check them out below.

With you Eydis Suicide Girl

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