Stella May – The Promise That Sank

The porn actress Stella May, or Tressa Silguero, was born on May 8, 1994 in the American city of New Braunfels, Texas. She dreamed of being a renowned star in pornography, she had talent and capacity for evolution, but unfortunately, she was succumbed to conventional moralism.

Stella May
Stella May – The Promise That Sank 8

Hot Girls Wanted

The porn actress Stella May became famous even in the Netflix doc “Hot Girls Wanted”, first presented at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015. It is one of those biased docs that play sad music in the background to say that all porn girls are exploited poor things. A bag!

Hot Girls Wanted
Stella May – The Promise That Sank 9

How did Stella May lose her virginity??

She lost her virginity the way most conventional girls dream: in a cute, romantic way, with a reliable and respectful guy. She made sure that everything was beautiful and pleasant until the idiot left her after 6 months of dating.

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Stella May – The Promise That Sank 10

How did she get into porn??

Dissatisfied with life in the interior, between dirty boots, hunting with her father, her job as a waitress and her dream of being a university cheerleader, Stella May decided to try sex and quick money. She saw a Craigslist ad in 2013 that gave her free airfare to Miami and was dying to get into a real fucking party!

Stella May
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The fucking party!

Stella May’s first scene was “Cum Fiesta” by production company Reality Kings. The video shows the newcomer already knowing how to engage the viewer with her beautiful round face of an innocent girl and the naughty charm of someone who understands what’s wrong!

Who was Stella May in the porn queue??

The “teenyboppers” style girl was so sought after by producers in the very short time she was a porn actress that she even had a temporary cyst on her right labrum. The gland that lubricates the “stellinha” clogged due to having sex a lot. She even did bondage scenes as a submissive for the $2,500 offer. A true revelation!

Stella May
Stella May – The Promise That Sank 12

How your mother found out!

As soon as the 19-year-old girl took the plane to Miami, her mother went to search her room and saw some sexual acronyms in a diary. She killed the riddle for good when she read the word ORGIAS. Then it was just putting my hands on my big head and knowing that Tressa Silguero had become Stella May in the middle of pornography.

1672579527 663 Stella May %E2%80%93 The Promise That Sank
Stella May – The Promise That Sank 13

How Stella May Quit Porn

Cornered by her old-fashioned mother and her farting boyfriend, she was moved to tears by having to decide between porn and love for her family. Sacanage, right? So, after 4 months, 25,000 dollars and several scenes shot, she gave up her talent and gave in to “good manners” becoming a random girl in some hole in the city of Arlington, Texas. Soon she, who overcame her fear of flying, was once again buried in the countryside where uninteresting and boring people look at family albums on a boring Sunday afternoon.

Stella May %E2%80%93 The Promise That Sank
Stella May – The Promise That Sank 14


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